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You can earn up to 25% cash commission

Becoming an independent AVON Representative

Once you become an Independent AVON Representative you will be the vital link between the company and the customer.

You will be selling high quality, great value products backed by a no quibble guarantee.

The amount of money you can earn as an independent AVON Representative really does depend on you, the more customers you serve the more you earn.

YOU CAN EARN UP TO 25% cash commission selling products to family, friends or simply showing brochures at your place of work.

Territory is available for people who have more time and would like to earn more money

You are backed by your sales leader who is there to help and advise you how to increase your earnings.

18 campaigns a year that's 18 pay days.

AVON advertise their products on TV so you benefit from national advertising.


President's Club recognises AVON's top achieving representatives. It is possible for any representative to qualify and there are fantastic benefits which include:

  • Gala dinner
  • Discounted AVON brochures
  • Discounts on demonstration products
  • Opportunity of free samples
  • Dedicated service line

How much will it cost me?

No initial outlay. You will be supplied with all the working tools you need to submit your first two orders, i.e. brochures, order forms and a calling book to list your customers.

There is a £16 registration fee but this is split over your first 2 campaigns (£10 in your first campaign and £6 in your second), and deducted from your earnings to make it easier for you.