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AVON Top 20 Trip to New York 2015

As Sales Leaders for AVON Cosmetics, each year we are eligible to be entered into AVON's league tables of the top Sales Leaders in the country.  Depending upon your teams' sales for that year and also the growth your business has shown over the previous year will determine where you appear on the Top 20 list.

Every Sales Leader in the Country is included and eligible to go onto AVON's Top 20 Trip although by implication your business and your team size has to be a certain team size and level to be included on the league tables.  Also, another strict criteria AVON have is that your business must be in growth over the previous year so as to achieve this fantastic all expenses paid trip.  It is a very exciting incentive because with each AVON campaign over the year your campaign results are recorded and automatically added together so as to give you a position upon the Top 20 Trip league table.  So each campaign, and there are 18 of them over the year, all Sales Leaders are eager to see their standing and can't wait for AVON to put those figures and positions up on the incentive part of the AVON website for Sales Leaders.

Over our 10 year journey (visit as AVON Sales Leaders we have YES worked hard, however, we have also achieved loads.  Just to list the Top 20 Trips we have qualified for over the years:

  • Prague in 2008
  • Majorca in 2009
  • Monte Carlo in 2010
  • Berlin in 2011
  • Malta in 2012
  • Rome in 2013
  • Marrakesh in 2014
  • And now New York is to be added to that list for 2015.

So New York will be our 8th trip with AVON.

These trips are a brilliant reward for our hard work.  AVON really do look after us quite lavishly on these trips.  We always do things and see things that we have never seen or done before.  So they are always fantastic experiences to treasure and no doubt New York this year will be no different.

On our itinerary we have a wonderful Gala Dinner planned whilst in New York with all the trimmings, all the ladies being able to dress up for the occasion with their beautiful evening dresses whilst the gents enjoy the evening in their dinner suits.  This really does turn the whole Gala Dinner into a very special occasion.

We are also looking forward to staying at the Waldorf Astoria where on a little research shows the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra having suites there.  It is also where the famous Thousand Island Dressing, Waldorf Salad and Eggs Benedict were invented.

One of the major highlights this year is that AVON Cosmetics' Head Office is actually in New York.  And therefore we are to have a very special host for us for one of our emails - the CEO of AVON Cosmetics worldwide - Sheri McCoy.  WOW a very powerful business lady indeed.  We hope we can get some good photos of the event!  So we are tremendously looking forward to that.

We must say also that all top Sales Leaders are very eager come Campaign 12 results to see if they have qualified for the Trip.  Most people have never experienced one of these trips, never mind 8 of them!  This year and in fact the year we went to Rome also, we both qualified in our own right.  Yes both of us finished in the Top 20 in the Country.  (In actual fact Wayne came in at No. 2 and Nadine No. 3).  A real testament to the strength of our businesses and our teams.

Speaking of teams we also this year have a most lovely team member, Linda Harrington, who has also qualified in her own right.  It's fantastic to see her hard work paying off.  Well done Linda!  Also, as we can bring guests, we are taking our top team members, Collette Gould and Danny Stenson along with us and Linda is brining her top sales leader Dawn Dymond.  So this is a great result for our business.

So we are sure we are going to have a fantastic time!

If you would like to join a top team - a progressive team - one who helps and looks after all in-team Sales Leaders at all levels who want to go forward with their AVON businesses and a team who not only has one member qualifying for such elite rewards, but two top businesses.  Think about all that experience and knowledge we have to help you to progress in your business.  Join us - we are always looking for good Sales Leaders who can commit to this fantastic business.

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