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You can earn up to 25% cash commission


How Much Can You Earn as an AVON Representative?

What a good question for all those considering starting an AVON Cosmetics Business.


Well, the first thing to understand is that there are two different opportunities to consider....becoming an AVON Representative (see ) or taking it a step further and also becoming an AVON Sales Leader (see ).


We should explain at this point that to be a Sales Leader you also have to be a Representative which makes a whole lot of good sense because if you are selling AVON products yourself and totally understand what that entails you are in a far better position to teach your team of representatives to do the same.


So, what can you earn as an AVON Representative?


If your orders to AVON are between £85 and £155 you will earn 20% commission on your order figure.  If your order is above the £155 mark you will earn 25% commission on any figure order you place to AVON.


So regarding what you can earn as an AVON Representative we could say how long is a piece of string.  It is not uncommon for good, enthusiastic and reliable AVON Representatives to be placing orders to AVON anywhere between £600 and £1,000 plus every campaign (every 3 weeks).


So, as you will see if you do the maths there is some very good extra money to be earned from being an AVON Representative.  This is especially so if you put the work in to establish a good solid customer base.  With good relations with your customers you will be rewarded very well by them with some fantastic AVON orders and of course that translates also to some fantastic representative earnings.


So apply now to become an AVON Representative ...