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You can earn up to 25% cash commission



We are currently looking for people who have had experience with multi-level marketing (MLM) or who have a business interest in joining our MLM team of self-employed sales leaders working alongside our parent company, Avon Cosmetics (whose brand name is both powerful and legendary throughout the world).


If you know about MLM you will already understand that this is a very powerful earning opportunity.


FACT: In any MLM system, to progress quickly you need an experienced, supportive upline.


Please take the time to check us out under our MLM journey


Prior to starting our Avon journey back in 2005, we also had over 2 years previous experience with another multi-level marketing company.  So our experience in this industry goes back to 2003.


We are also building 2 solid teams.  Wayne is in Nadine's team and yet we are both at the top level and run 2 very large award winning teams.  So we are actually very successful doing it twice, not just once - so we have a lot of experience and guidance to offer the right people.


We are now looking for valued team members who can demonstrate a good work ethic and have good organisational skills along with an enthusiastic attitude to build a solid big network. 


The Avon Advanced Leadership opportunity is very flexible and is entirely duplicatable with our help and support.




Ideally you will drive and have your own transport.  You will have time to invest into building your own business and your network and you will be competant in the use of a computer.  You will be able to demonstrate good people and social skills as essentially Avon is a people business.




In return, we offer the right people a fantastic opportunity, full support and training so as to build a large network and team which also equates to a large desirable residual income to match your growing team size, efforts and ambition.  


If you are interested please email us your  details with a little bit about yourself to 


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