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You can earn up to 25% cash commission



Your main objective as an AVON Representative is to make sure as many people as possible see one of your AVON brochures.  One way of doing this is to physically pass out your brochures to everybody that you know and indeed everybody that they know as well.  All these people will be your customers from your own network (or circle of influence).  It may also be the case that some of your friends or family might be able to take your AVON brochure into their place of work for you.  This could easily result in 4 to 5 orders from 1 place.


On top of this, if you choose to take this option, you can also be allocated a territory of streets of homes.  This will be close to where you live.  Usually the allocation is in the region of 150 to 160 homes initially, so your scope for orders will be tremendous.  As your orders increase more territory can be added over time.


This is not all!  You will also have an online brochure that can definitely be a fantastic asset for you to get your current AVON brochure out there and into your community.  This online brochure is called POB (Personal Online Brochure) and it is only a matter of copying and pasting your POB link (obtained from your online Avon Account which you will be provided with when you start) into an email or social media including Facebook etc, and people who are interested in buying AVON products can just click into your link and they are then directed to your own online current AVON book where they can very easily place an AVON order for whatever AVON products they choose from the current AVON brochures.  That order will go straight into your own personal AVON Cosmetics account ordering system, which you will have been provided with as soon as you become an AVON Representative.


A new AVON book comes out every 3 weeks which means that your customers will always have something new and exciting to look forward to.  Because the brochure comes out every 3 weeks it also means that your orders are also delivered to you every 3 weeks, which in turn means that you will get paid for your efforts every 3 weeks!  AVON is in fact carried out on a 3 weekly cycle.




Well, you will pass out your current AVON brochures to all of your customers (not forgetting to use your POB to the best effect that you can because there are lots of people who would love to place an order via this online service).  On collecting your orders back in, whether that’s from the order forms which you have previously placed in your AVON brochures, or indeed you may have online, email or text/telephone orders, just copy these orders to your AVON Representative account on the AVON website.  On your allocated day for placing your orders, submit those orders to AVON Cosmetics.  Six days later your order is delivered to your home for you to make up and pass out to your customers.  On doing this, you will of course be paid by your customers for their orders.  And on collecting all of your money in for your orders you are then in a position to not only pay AVON for the products you ordered, but you can also pay yourself from the cash that you have collected.


As an AVON Representative, you will earn up to 25% on your orders and that means if you place an order to AVON for £400 you will receive approximately £100 for that order – and there are 18 pay days per year!


If you are the type of AVON Representative who is enthusiastic and reliable, it is not uncommon for such Representatives to place orders to AVON of between £600 and £1,000, so as you can see there is a very lot of potential to earn extra money from being an AVON Representative for AVON Cosmetics.  In fact joining AVON is a fantastic opportunity to earn an extra income.


The major benefit of joining AVON as an independent AVON Representative or as an independent AVON Sales Leader is that you are starting your own business.  You have no boss…. just people helping and supporting you.  You have total flexibility to run and grow your own business using what time you personally have to do this.  You can take your business to just a moderate level if you choose, or you can aim for the dizzy heights…. even turning it into a full-time business like we ourselves have


Starting AVON is easy.  Just follow the steps in our online quick application form


So just to highlight in brief the role of the AVON Representative in 7 simple steps.


Step 1


Apply to join AVON via our online fast application form:


(A suitably qualified AVON Sales Leader will contact you to make an appointment to come and see you to get you started and provide you with all the materials, brochures and training information you need to get started).


Step 2


Pass out your AVON brochures to all of your friends and family and indeed to anybody that you know and talk to.


Don’t forget to use your POB (Personal Online Brochure).


Step 3


Collect your orders back in.


Step 4


Save those collected orders onto your AVON account on the AVON website and on the day when you need to place that order simply “submit” your orders which will then go through to AVON Cosmetics.


Step 5


Six days after placing your order to AVON, your order will be delivered to your door.


Step 6


Using your customers’ order forms make up all of your customers’ orders and deliver them to each customer, at the same time collecting payment from your customers for their individual orders (ensuring you provide them with a new AVON brochure to gain repeat custom).


Step 7


Pay AVON what you owe them (which will be less than what you have collected from your customers).  There is no working out to do – AVON do all that for you on your invoice!  With the remaining money you have left over this is your cash to do whatever you like with!


This is the simple step-by-step process of being an AVON Representative.




Developing and maintaining a good customer base is something that is essential to having great earnings every 3 weeks.  Therefore, your customers are of utmost importance to you and it is a proven fact that having a good friendly and helpful relationship with your customers will prove to be very beneficial regarding their continued orders.  Some of the more essential techniques for doing this and building a progressive customer list will be discussed on your appointment.  So customer service is very important, and with that in mind it should become a priority as an AVON representative.




Simply click on this link and fill in your details and an AVON Sales Leader in your area will contact you to give you all the information and discuss your requirements.