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Of course, I am not an astrophysicist or a theoritcal scientist.  I am not even a student of Dr Stephen Hawking.  However, I do know that time moves on relentlessly going forward.  It goes at the same speed constantly (that's certainly true anyway for us settled on good old Terra Firma here on our own Planet Earth).


Time is forever an optimist.  It consistently looks and moves towards the future, seemingly dragging each and evey one of us along with it.  Time is our friend and our ally.  It's also our enemy.


With the above thoughts in mind, we would do well to heed the warning to "use time wisely" because a misuse of time or wasting time will result in us missing out on the important things of life.  Time will not wait for us.  If we miss the timed slot it's gone.  The best we can then hope to do is to head it off further up the line.  In effect try to catch up at the next available junction.


Not to become too paranoid but every second counts.  Each choice you make of every second of every day will have an effect, an impact and will produce a result.  Whether its your desired result is totally dependent upon the choice you made and when you made it.


One great aspect of time is that it allows us to make plans.  It allows us to work out when that plan will come to fruition and also whether its a cost effective plan, a worthwhile plan.  So time in regard to planning can definitely help us along life's way.  For instance, where would you like to be in 2, 5, 10 years from now?  Do you have a great job with a great wage with great prospects?  Or do you have the opposite?  Do you have loads of spare time (if I may say that)?  Perhaps a better way to put it is do you have a flexible work life ratio which gives you flexibility with your available time?


Time allows you to set goals and targets which allows you to keep on track - which is good.  A bad thing about time is that it doesn't wait for you, you have to catch it.  In effect, you have to cease the opportunity, cease the moment while its there, while its presented to you.  Miss it and in some cases its gone - and its gone forever.  So my advice is cease every opportunity to make life improvements.


When I think back I most certainly wish I had ceased my current opportunity a lot earlier than I did do.  However, we also need to keep in mind and remember sometimes the time may not just be right for us.  Is the time now right for you and your life to take a leap forward?  


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