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You can earn up to 25% cash commission



The way you are trained and the level of support you will receive as a new Sales Leader is, make no mistake about it, pivotal to growing a large network of representatives and running your own team of sales leaders.  With sales leadership you get paid on 3 levels of business receiving residual earnings on all of your representatives within that 3 generation range.


If you sign up to and join any other team or indeed if you choose to join AVON through AVON Cosmetics’ official website (where you will be under Avon’s employed staff), we will not be able to vouch for either the quality of your training or the level of support that you will receive to build a solid progressive business.


However, if you join our team of sales leaders we can guarantee our ongoing support and training because that’s the way we work and this is the policy we teach all of our sales leaders.  This means that you will, yourself, have all the tools and knowledge to teach and mentor your own team of sales leaders.  It is about duplication of doing things that work.  You will be pleased to learn that we have done twice what most sales leaders struggle to do once and therefore we can say with confidence what we teach, the way we support and help is definitely a recipe for growth and success.


We hold our own training days, usually twice a year, for all of our in-team sales leaders to take advantage of and all sales leaders throughout all of our generations are invited and in fact they are encouraged to come along and join our existing team for a great day of training.  Food and drink is always provided and depending upon your home commitments, you may decide to stay over in the evening where more association is always beneficial.


So apply to join our team of sales leaders via our quick application form here: or send an email enquiring about sales leadership to to further your application or to ask any questions you may have.


Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is about duplication and duplication is the key to unlocking true success within multi-level marketing.  Our teachable systems provide you with all the help, support, training and knowledge to be able to put this duplication into practice.  As we have previously mentioned, our own example should give you confidence because we have built up not one, but two big teams and therefore we know, with experience, what duplicates well and we freely pass that knowledge and understanding onto our team members.


We have a privileged position in that we can see, through our AVON Cosmetics website and sales leader systems and programmes, all of our teams’ activity and all of their teams’ status.  What this does is to give us vital information to help and advise you.  It provides us (and you) the necessary facts to help you plan and keep planning your business progress.  We will be there to plan and advise with you on a regular basis so as to keep your business growing and on track to enable you to keep heading up the AVON Sales Leader Commission Structure, being promoted to each new Level under that Commission Structure, and ultimately increasing your pay scale.


By joining our team as an AVON Representative and then as an AVON Sales Leader, you will come directly under our wing as it were, where we can exclusively help to design your personal comprehensive business plan to generate your success. 


We have several fantastic in-team incentives and bonuses which are designed to reward you and drive and encourage you in your progressive AVON journey.  ALL of these exclusive incentives are only for people who directly come through to ourselves.  So join our team here:


Sales Leadership or Advanced Leadership as its also known, is your own business.  You are your own boss.  You are in a position to make your own decisions.  This is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic people – either individually or as a couple – who want to make a real difference to their work-life balance and potential earnings.  As with any business it will need cultivating and growing, and we will be with you every step of the way helping you to achieve this.


So, if you are thinking of a work from home business then you must consider AVON Cosmetics.  We have had an utterly brilliant AVON journey so far and we are sure there is much more to come.  It is a decision we wholeheartedly do not regret making.  So join us and start YOUR own AVON journey now!